Name of the work :- Construction of fly over bridge from Pravat Cinema hall to N.H. 5 via.Chatrabazar & Brajarkbati


Govt. in HUD Dept. has entrusted Cuttack Municipal Corporation for the said work vide letter No. 46795/HUD Dated 27-10-2003 to take up the construction work of fly over bridge and wanted acceptance of the decision of the State Govt. from Corporation.

(2) Corporation has accepted the government proposal in their meeting dated 5-11-03.
(3) Approximate Estimated cost :- 114.55 crore (Vide H&UD Dept. Letter No. 52152 dated 12.12.2003)
(4) This Project proposed to be taken up on Govt. grant and by obtaining loan from HUDCO.

Tender was invited on 13.01.2004 for consultancy service for prepartion of DPR (Detailed project Report) vide H&UD Dept. letter No. 537 dated 7.01.2004, but no tender was received.


Government has permitted Cuttack Municipal Corporation to re-tender for consultancy service of the said project vide his letter No. 9760 dated 17.05.2004.

(7) Re-tender was invited on 11-6-2004 and opened on dt.28.07.2004 at 11.00A.M.
(8) The following three consultant firms have submitted their bids.
  (i) B. Engineers & Builders Ltd., Industrial Estate, BBSR.
  (ii) Aarvee Associates, Srinagar colony, Hyderbad.
  (iii) Gherzi Eastern Limited, Mahnirban Road, Kolkata.

Government was moved vide letter No.6461 dated 29.07.2004 & Letter No.7859 Dated10.09.2004 of CMC to take necessary arrengements for sitting of Evaluation Committee as soon as possible for finalisation of abve tenders


The 3rd Bid evalution tender Committee was held on 6.10.2004 at 4.00PM in the office chamber of Chief Engineer, NH. Orissa.


Bid Evaluation Committee observed that M/S B.Engineer & Builds Ltd., Industrial Estate, BBSR should fulfil the criteria for Pre qualification to short list the bidders to bring this firm technically & commercially at Pre with the short listed firms


B.Engineers & Builders Ltd., Industrial estate ,BBSR had been asked by this office letter No. 9530 dated 26.10.2004 to furnish the documents in support of criteria fixed for prequalification to short list the bidder on or before 3.11.2004.


Documents has been received from B.Engineers & builders Ltd., Indutrial Esate, BBSR on 19.11.2004


Government have been moved vide letter No. 10650 dated 2.12.2004 of CMC to take necessary arrengements for sitting of Bid Evaluation Tender Committee as soon as possible for finalizattion of above tenders.


4th Bid evaluation Committee meeting held on 22.3.2005 at 11.30 AM in the office of the Chief Engineer, N.H.,BBSR. After detail discussion, the committee arrived at a point that the committee shall visit the site at cuttack during 2nd week of April 2005 for finalization of suitable proposal of bidders for the said Fly Over Bridge.