Cuttack is located at 20°30'N 85°50'E / 20.5°N 85.83°E. and has an average elevation of 36 metres (118 ft). Located at the apex of the Mahanadi delta, the city is surrounded by the river and its tributaries on almost all sides. These include the Kathjori, the Kuakhai and the Birupa. The summer season is from March to June when the climate is hot and humid. Thunderstorms are common at the height of the summer. The monsoon months are from July to October when the city receives most of its rainfall from the South West Monsoon. The annual rainfall is around 144 cm. The winter season from November to February is characterised by mild temperatures and occasional showers. Temperatures may exceed 40°C at the height of summer and may fall to below 10°C in winter.

The city is prone to cyclones from the Bay of Bengal. Summer thunderstorms also cause a lot of damage. Cuttack is however safe from earthquakes, being situated in the relatively safe seismic zone II.

The Mahanadi provides much of the drinking water to the city. There are also numerous ponds (pokharis) in the city that store rain water. The river is also used as a dumping ground for sewage produced in the city.

Location of Town

(a)  If situated on a national / state highway. If yes name of the highway/ state highway. (i) National Highway  - 5  
(ii) National Highway  - 42
(iii) State Highway - 9
(iv) State Highway -12
(b) Name of the nearest important town or city from Cuttack. (i) Bhubaneswar
(ii) Jagatsinghpur
(iii) Kendrapara
(iv) Jajpur
(v) Jajpur Road 
(vi) Dhenkanal
(vii) Puri 
(viii) Paradip

(c) Name of other towns within a 15 kms radius. 

(i) Bhubaneswar
(ii) Dadhapatna
(iii) Belagachhia
(iv) Choudwar

(d) Number of villages served by the town or from which people visit the town for social and economic reasons.

(i) About 3000 villages.
Transport and Communication
(a) Name of the roads or tracks that connect the town to the surrounding areas. 1. Name of the Road
(i) National Highway - 5
(ii) National Highway - 42
(iii) State Highway - 9
(iv) State Highway - 12
(v) ODRs
(b) Name of river / water way / lake etc. used for transport/ irrigation/bathing and washing /source of drinking water supply.

2. River Mahandi, River Kathajodi & River Birupa are used for Transport,    Irrigation, Washing, Bathing and source of    drinking water supply.

(c) Has the town a Railway Station? If Yes,
(i) is it on main/branch line
(ii) Broad gauge/meter gauge
(iii) Frequency of trains in 24 hrs goods/passenger.

3.  Yes

S.E. Railway Main Line
Broad gauge

85 Nos/day
(d) Has the town a Bus stand. If yes, the frequency of bus service.

4. Yes

75 Buses / Hour
(e) Is the town served by telephone. If yes, number of telephone connections. 5. Yes
85,000 (Approximately)
(f) Number of post offices in town. 6. (Two) Head Post Office & 49 Sub/ Branch  Post Offices.
(g) Number of telegraph offices in town. 7.  (Four)