(a) If situated on a national / state         highway, name of the highway, if not         distance to search a highway

(i)     National Highway  

(ii)    National Highway  

(iii)   State Highway       

(iv)   State Highway       

No. 5


No. 9

No. 12

(b) Give the name of the nearest important       town or city and the distance to it. 


(i)     Bhubaneswar    

(ii)    Jagatsinghpur     

(iii)   Kendrapara      

(iv)   Jajpur                

(v)    Jajpur Road 

(vi)   Dhenkanal

(vii)  Puri 

(viii) Paradip

 29 kms.

45  kms.

 65  kms.

76  kms.

 83 kms.

70 kms.

94 kms.

96  kms.

(c) Name other towns within a 15 kms      radius. 

(i)    Bhubaneswar

(ii)   Dadhapatna

(iii)  Belagachhia

(iv) Choudwar





(d) Indicate number of villages served by the       town or from which people visit the town       for social and economic reasons.

(i)    About 3000 villages.