Integrated Development of Small & Medium Towns Recommended
  List of Projects to be Executed under I.D.S.M.T. Scheme
Sl. No. Name of Scheme Physical Area (Sqm/Length) Targets Plots/Shops Total
(Rs. in lakhs)


Commercial Complex

2 Market Complex at Khapuria near Press Chhaka. 1485.00 64 shops
(3.05 x 4.27)mtr.
3 Market complex at old Jagannath Road, Nayabazar. 723.36 24 shops
(3.05 x 4.27)mtr.
4 Construction of Wholesale Market at Chatrabazar. 1677.40 132 shops
(2.95 x 3.43)mtr.
5 Construction of garage complex & market complex in first floor truck terminus premises at Jagatpur. 62255.00 10 garages,
20 shops, 24 shops of diff. sizes.
II Traffic and Transportation      
1 Motel within the truck terminus premises at Jagatpur. Approved In principle only  
2 Improvement of traffic junction including traffic signal at Link Road and Badambadi. 2 nos.   28.31
3 Construction of road and small bridges. 1.72 Kms.   45.82
(a) Construction of Link road from  Podabara to Immamnagar. 1 bridge    
(b) Construction of road at Mahanadi Vihar behind the Telecom Dept. Colony. 1.5 Kms.   15.60
(c) Construction of small bridge over Pattamundai Cannal at Podabara. 0.22 Kms 34.50 Mtrs.   10.22
4 Development of infrastructure in Chhatrabazar. 5297.40   32.20
III Miscellaneous Scheme      
1 Construction of Kalyan Mandap at Choudhury Bazar(M-1) 2622.00 6 rooms with toilets, dinning, kitchen etc. 26.53
2 Devolopement of parks.      
  (a) Construction of Gandhi Smruti Park at Telanga Pentha. 5573.00   10.00
  (b) Construction of Park at Ring Road from T.V and Film institue to B.O.S.E. hostel 1950.00   10.00
3 Netaji Centenary Park .

(a) Construction of Muscial Fountain at Netaji Centenary Park near Gadakhai.

16188.00 Fencing fountain,
20 shops, lawn, toilet etc.
4 Construction of Strom Water Drains. 1.22Kms.   70.00
  (a) Construction of drain from Nuapada Chhaka to M.S.W.C.I (via Gosala) 870Mtrs   50.00
  (b) Construction of drain from Sikharpur Level Crossing to Railway Tunnel. 349 Mtrs.   20.00
5 Improvment of Cremation ground at Kali Boda 1392.00   10.00
6 Construction of Pay and Use Toilets (Phulnakhara, Khannager, Old Jail Road near Champaban and Mangalabag near Circuit House) 5 Nos.   30.00
  Grand Total     590.00