Fire Accidents


  • Calmly leave the apartment, closing the door behind you. Remember the keys!
  • Pull the fire alarm near the closest exit, if available, or raise an alarm by warning others.
  • Leave the building by the stairs.
  • Leave the building by the stairs.

If the exit is blocked by smoke or fire :

  • Leave the door closed but do not lock it.
  • To keep the smoke out, put a wet towel in the space at the bottom of the door.
  • Call the emergency fire service number and tell them your apartment number and let them know you are trapped by smoke and fire. It is important that you listen and do what they tell you.
  • Stay calm and wait for someone to rescue you.

If there is a fire alarm in your building which goes off :

  • Before you open the door, feel the door by using the back of our hand. If the door is hot or warm, do not open the door.
  • If the door is cool, open it just a little to check the hallway. If you see smoke in the hallway, do not leave.
  • If there is no smoke in the hallway, leave and close the door. Go directly to the stairs to leave. Never use the elevator.

If smoke is in your apartment:

  • Stay low to the floor under the smoke.
  • Call the Fire Emergency Number which should be pasted near your telephone along with police and other emergency services and let them know that you are trapped by smoke.
  • If you have a balcony and there is no fire below it, go out.
  • If there is fire below, go out to the window. DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOW but stay near the window.
  • If there is no fire below, go to the window and open it. Stay near the open window.
  • Hang a bed sheet, towel or blanket out of the window to let people know that you are there and need help.
    Be calm and wait for someone to rescue you.