The 8 Top Tasty Street Foods in Cuttack

A list of the yummiest street food places in CTC, the taste gets only better from place to place


The people of this ancient city enjoy the luxury of one item at their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the everyone’s most-liked “DahibaraAloodum.”
The uniqueness of spicy and flavor of pudina the DahibaraAloodum is its signature style. It is world famous. I can tell you a simple thing that you can find a Dahibara stall at the end of each 53 lanes of Cuttack

Here are some top DahibaraAloodum Stalls:
  • Raghu DahibaraAloodum – BandhaChowk, Bidanasi
  • EshwarDahibaraAloodum – BijuPatnaikChowk
  • SatichauraChowk
  • Rama Dahibara – Infront of SB Women’s College, Near ChandiMandir
  • KanikaChowk, Infront of Petrol Pump


Chaat offers a tasty flavor in a colorful and spicy way. And Chaat in Cuttack is better in every way.
The deep purple beetroot + red tomato + sweet pink onion + green coriander + golden pampad = an attractive plate of delicious chaat.

Here are some top Chaat Stalls:

  • PapdiChaat – Buxi Bazar
  • KaaliaChaat – Bajrakabati Road


The Fafda comes under those snacks you can have at cheap rates. These are deeply fried and made of Gram Flour. With the unique Chili’s chutney makes it really special.

Here are some top Fafda centers:

  • Balu Bazaar – Fafda + Chutney

4.Singada (Samosa)

A Samosa is called as “Singada” in Cuttack. It can be your choice to change your taste. With the tasty spiced potato, peas, onions and more inside the upper layer, a Singada will make you go crazy. So, you must try it from any of these places.

Here are some top places to taste Singada:

  • Chandi Sweets Stall – Infront of Seetal Hotel, Badambadi
  • SriguruMistanaBhandara – Deulasahi


Lassi is a popular drink in India. It may be originating from Punjab, but its taste in the silver city has its taste. With the yogurt, ice, fruits, and other spices make it a refreshing summer cooler. So, must try it from the below places.

Here are some of the top Lassi shop places:

  • Buxi Bazaar
  • Bhagatpur


MithaDahi is one of the best foods in Cuttack.

So, must try it from the below places.

  • Calcutta Sweets – Near JayramLenka, Ranihat

7.PaneerDosa / Dosa

Dosa is another street food in Cuttack. You can have the taste of this South Indian based dish. Paneerdosa is another version of Dosa. It is made of paneer, parboiled rice, and some other spice. You will get it with the extra yumminess of chutney and sambar

Here are some of the top Dosa stalls:

  • Calcutta Sweets – Near JayramLenka, Ranihat

8.Mutton Chop

Mutton chap is one of the very much testier foods in Cuttack.

So, must try it from the below places.

  • Kaliabhai Mutton Chop, Professor Pada near Chhatrabazar.