ସବୁ ଅଫିସର

NameDesignationContact DetailsAssigned For
Ms. Ananya Das,IASMunicipal CommissionerPhone No: 0671-2308424
E-mail ID:-mccmc@nic.in
Supervison of all the Administrative and Developmental Works
Sri Manojaranjan Mohapatra, OAS(SAG)Joint CommissionerPhone No.-1. All Social Security Schemes, NFBS
2. Harischandra Sahayata Yojana/IFFL
3. Vehicle/Record Room/Mutation of Holdings
4. e-Grievance/e-Municipality/IT Cell
5. Online Reservation of Saheed Bhawan/Town Hall/Kalyan Mandap
6. Issue of NOC to Mobile Tower, Cable Operator etc.
Smt Sumita Sarkar, OAS (SAG)Joint CommissionerPhone No. 0671-2308991
Mob:- 9437946344
1. All Establishment Work including Conservancy & other Group D Establishment.
2. Biju Yuva Vahini
3. UWEI Coordination
4. General & Misc.
5. Refund of EMD, ISD Security
6. Election except legal issues
7. Supervising the function of Ward Offices.
Sri, Amrita Sarkar , OAS (SB)Deputy CommissionerMob:-9437850933
1. Nodal Officer RTI
2. Assembly Questions
3. Sanction of GPF/ Refund of EMD
4. IT Cell (e-Municipality/e-Governance Initiatives)
5. Emergency Officer
6. Aadhaar
7. Marriage Registration
8. Library
Smt Latashree Bag, OAS (SB)Deputy Commissioner-SecretaryPhone No.
1. Licence/Tax Section
2. Record Room/ UNDP
3. BYV/Kalyan Mandap,Town Hall and Saheed Bhawan Reservation.
4. Relief Matters , Gen& Misc
5. National Population Register (NPR)
Sri Avinash Kumar Rout, OAS(SB)Deputy Commissioner-Cum-Enforcement OfficerPhone No.
1. Survey,
2. Enforcement Officer
Smt. Sanjeebita Ray, OAS(SB)Deputy Commissioner-Cum-SanitationPhone No.
1. Sanitation & Public Health,
2. Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM)
3. Plastic Ban.
4. DDO Charge.
Sri Ajaya Kumar Mohanty, OASDeputy CommissionerMob:-98612769371. Council Section
2. Park & Plantation
3. UC Cases
4. SEBC Survey & Census
5. Vehicle Section
6. Digital Door Numbering Survey.
7. Cattle Seizing & Kine House
Sri Saroj Kumar Acharya, ORSAssistant Enforcement OfficerMob:- 9337621574Enforcement Work
Ms Swetapadma D. Satapathy, ORSDeputy Commissioner_SIOPhone No. 0671-2312663
E Mail ID:-siocmc@gmail.com
Nodal Officer Project Section like all Social Security Schemes
SBM/NULM/NFSA/Urban Housing/CMRF/AAHAAR/ AADHAAR/Relief matters etc.
Smt. Lusi Swain,OFSFinance OfficerPhone No.0671-2308905
Mob:- 7008357156
All Financial Matter/Audit/UC matters etc.
Satyabrata Mohapatra
City Health Officer Phone No. 0671-2308272
Mob:- 9437027115
E Mail ID-cityhealthofficercuttack@gmail.com,
Overall Supervision of
Sanitation work of all CMC area.
Slaughter House,
Vital Statistics,
Epidemic Control,
NFCP work,
Food Raid Activities,
Dogs Sterilization,
NFCP Bikash Bhawan Field Store,
Urban Slum Project.
Sri Digambar Swain
Law Officer Phone No. 0671-2308941
Mob:- 9437492255
E Mail ID-
All legal matters of CMC
Traffic Management Committee
Er. Subarao PatroCity Engineer Phone No. 0671-2334513
E Mail ID:- cityeng.cmc@gmail.com
1. Administrative head of Engineering Wing and overall supervision of all Engineering works
Er.Bhagyadhar Sahoo
Executive Engineer-I Phone No. 0671-2334745
E Mail ID:-exe.engineer2.cmc@gmail.com
Ward No. 1 to 30
PH Works
Public Toilet/Project Samman/
Central Projects
Market Buildings
Er. Dibya Ranjan Tripathy
Executive Engineer-IIPhone No.
Mob:- 9437602189
E Mail ID:-exe.engineer1.cmc@gmail.com
Ward No. 31 to 59
Electrical Works\
All Rural Housing Projects
Park & Plantation/Vending Zone
Assembly Question/Grievance
Er.Dhirendra Kumar Pradhan
Deputy Executive Engineer Mob:-9437068409 Ward No. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17, 28, 30, 48, 49, 16, 21, 29, 42,
46, 47, 54, 55, SWM,
Special Projects/ Vending Zone
Residential & Non-residential PH works of all 54 wards
Tube-well maintenance
Repair of pumps
New Tube well installation in all 59 wards,
Er. Nanda Kishore Pal Asst.Executive EngineerMob:-9437280663
Ward No.- 24, 31, 32, 35, 52, 58, 9, 12, 23, 43, 44, 45, 34,
40, 51, 53, 56, 57, 59, Project Saman & STP
Maintenance of Sulabha Souchalaya
SBM for Public & Community Toilet
Er. Manoj Kumar Devata
Asst. Engineer Mob:-9937316505
Ward no 1,2,3,4,5 & 6
Er.Pratap Samal
Asst. Engineer Mob:-9437183304Ward No.50,51,56,57,58 & 59
Er. Dilip Kumar Sahoo
Asst. Engineer Mob:-9439645763 Ward No 7,8,9,10,15 & 16
Er. Sraban Kumar Mohanty
Asst. Engineer (Mech) Mob:-9437385784
Er. Subash Chandra Sahoo
Junior Engineer Mob:-9937119445
Ward No.20,21,24,28,29 & 30
Er. Sanjib Kumar Pradhan
Junior Engineer Mob:-9861071750 Ward no 11,12,13,14,17 & 19
Er.Susanta Kumar Bhuyan
Asst. Engineer Mob:-9439652887 Electrical Ward 1 to 31
Er. Pravash Chandra Biswal
Asst. EngineerMob:-9437225567 Electrical Ward 32 to 59

Er. Aditya Narayan Mishra
Junior Engineer Mob:-9437306383 Ward No.42,43,47,53,54 & 55
Er. Lalitendu Nayak
Junior Engineer Mob:-9437340855 Ward No.18,22,23,25,26 & 27
Er. Gitanjali Sahoo
Junior Engineer Mob:-9938392426 Ward No.36,37,38,44,45 & 52
Er. Bipin Bihari Pradhan
Junior Engineer Mob:-9937773345 Ward No.31,32,33,34,35 & 40
Er. Nayeem Ahemad KhanJunior EngineerMob: 8249741226Ward No 39,41,46,48 & 49
Er. Swagatika MohantyJunior EngineerMob:-9437536017 Ward No.22, 25, 33
VACANT Statistical OfficerPhone No.