BUDGET – 2017-18


Sl no.TitleExpenseLink
Opening BalanceRs- 17999000.00
1Tax Revenue
Rs- 155000000View
2Entry Tax share in lieu of Octroi tax (U/S 197(2) of O.M.C. Act 2003)
Rs- 5,00000000.00View
3User Charges
Rs- 10800000.00View
4Rental Income from Corporation Properties
Rs- 46438000.00View
5Fees and Fines
Rs- 39188000.00View
6Miscellaneous & Others
Rs- 58900000.00View
714th Finance Commission Grant
Rs- 250000000.00View
8Grant & Contributions, Loans & subsidies etc.Rs- 1699500000.00View
TotalRs- 2759826000.00


Sl No.Title
1General Administration & Establishment Charges
Rs- 712250000.00View
2Public Health, Sanitation and Medical Services
Rs- 517800000.00View
3Public ConvenienceRs- 143000000.00View
Rs- 21300000.00View
5Extraordinary & Debt.
Rs- 1500000.00View
6Govt. Grants & Spl. Projects
Rs- 362130000.00View
7Incomplete Project (Work-In-Progress) & New ProjectsRs- 990600000.00View
TotalRs- 2748580000.00
Closing Balance:-
Rs- 29245000.00
Grand TotalRs-
Finance Officer
Cuttack Municipal Corporation
Municipal Comissioner
Cuttack Municipal Corporation